Have you registered for Patient Access yet?

Patient Access allows you to order repeat prescriptions online, and now it can also be used to view your own medical records. If you're already registered, or you've been given a sheet of registration details, click here - if you're not yet registered, but you'd like to be, please contact the surgery.

If you've got a smartphone, and you're already registered for Patient Access, you can also access your records and order prescriptions online by downloading the myGP app.

If you're not registered for Patient Access, prescriptions should be requested in writing. If you are on regular repeat prescriptions, you will be supplied with a printed list to use when you re-order. Just tick any items you want to order, and a new list will be printed for you to use next time.

Whether you order online or in writing, you should always allow at least a week for your prescription request to be processed.

Please note that hormone replacement treatments and contraceptives require regular checkups with the Doctor or Practice Nurse. Patients who are on a prescription for depression may also be asked to come and see the Doctor or Nurse every time they need a repeat.

Patients who take medication for a chronic condition - asthma, diabetes or coronary heart disease - will normally be asked to attend the surgery at least once a year for a checkup and medication review, to make sure that the condition is being properly controlled and treated. These checkups will be carried out either by a Practice Nurse or Dr Hindmarsh. You will be sent a reminder when your checkup is due.

If you require a repeat of an item which is not on your prescription list, or you don't have a prescription list, please let us have a handwritten note. The name of the medication and your own name must be written clearly. Sometimes it's a good idea to bring in the packet from your previous prescription, because it should have the name of the medication and instructions for its use printed on it.

If you are requesting something you have not had from us before, or have not had for a long time, you may need to see a doctor in order to get the prescription.