Long Covid

There is now a Government website with help and advice for people suffering the aftereffects of Covid: Your COVID Recovery | Supporting your recovery after COVID-19


There is now a website called 'Bump, Birth and Beyond' which covers the whole of Kent and Medway, provides information and advice about all aspects of pregnancy, and allows you to book yourself in if you have just found out that you're pregnant. Home :: Kent and Medway - Bump, Birth and Beyond (kentandmedwaylms.nhs.uk)

Mother and Infant Mental Health Service

This service provides specialist support for those experiencing mental health issues relating to pregnancy and new births. You can self-refer: the website is www.kmpt.nhs.uk/mimhs

Help for carers

There is an agency called Involve which supports carers in West Kent, and can help out with form-filling and so on. Their website is at https://www.involvekent.org.uk/, or they can be contacted by telephone on 03000 810005.

Resources for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their carers

Kent County Council have now set up a website/information hub for this, which you can see at SEND information hub - Kent County Council

Help for homeless people

Streetlink (www.streetlink.org.uk or 0300 5000 914)

The Pavement (www.thepavement.org.uk)

Homeless UK (www.homeless.org.uk)

Shelter (england.shelter.org.uk or helpline number 0808 800 4444)

Kent homeless help via Porchlight (Porchlight)


Mental Health and Self Harm

If you're aged 13-25 and you have issues with mental health, wellbeing and self harm, you can self-refer to an organization called We Are With You via their website Mind and Body in Kent - With You (wearewithyou.org.uk)

You may also find the following resources useful:

https://www.kooth.com/  online mental wellbeing community -Free, safe and anonymous support for 11-26 year olds


CBT is widely used in the treatment of anxiety and depression. This free course comes in bite-sized sections and is primarily aimed at young people aged between 12-18, however the content is equally beneficial to parents, families, teachers and supporters of young people

For all age-groups there is an organization called We Are With You, to which you can self-refer. We Are With You can help with problems like stress at work, sleep problems and feeling low or anxious. Their website is Home - With You (wearewithyou.org.uk)


Bereavement support for children and young people

There is now a specialist service to help anyone aged 3.5 to 26 years who is dealing with bereavement. This service is run by an agency called CHUMS and can be accessed here: Kent Bereavement Service – CHUMS


Dementia road map

This is a site designed for use by both healthcare professionals and families - anyone looking for information regarding a diagnosis of dementia and the journey post diagnosis. It aims to ensure that people living with dementia, their families and carers can access the right services at the right time and have all the information they need to maintain their health and independence for as long as possible.

Home | West Kent Dementia Roadmap


Support while waiting for a dementia diagnosis

As waiting times for the memory assessment service are currently longer than usual, the Dementia Change Action Network has developed a Next Steps website to provide support to people and their families while waiting for their appointment.
There are four sections to the website: 

  • what to expect from a memory assessment
  • taking care of wellbeing
  • access to support, and
  • what happens if a diagnosis of dementia is made.

 The website is: https://www.nextsteps.org.uk


Exercise, diet, health and wellbeing

For general advice visit the Change4Life website, https://www.nhs.uk/change4life

For a local weight loss service, run by Kent County Council, visit One You Kent: https://www.kent.gov.uk/social-care-and-health/health/one-you-kent/healthy-weight

Kent County Council can also help you give up smoking -https://www.kent.gov.uk/social-care-and-health/health/one-you-kent/quit-smoking - or you can call the surgery and make an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

Involve can help out with advice about activities to improve your wellbeing, or with practical things like money difficulties. Their website is at https://www.involvekent.org.uk/, or they can be contacted by telephone on 03000 810005.


Information about Cervical Screening

If you've been called for cervical screening and you're not sure whether to attend or not, there's some very good information here:

What Happens During a Smear Test? | Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust (jostrust.org.uk)

There is also information and support for people who find it difficult to attend cervical screening here:

Cervical screening: support for people who find it hard to attend - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Information about NHS Screening Programmes

There are now lots of screening programmes in the NHS - cervical screening, aortic aneurysm screening, breast screening, bowel cancer screening, etc. For a useful summary of these, please click on the link below.

NHS Population Screening Summary


Diabetes Resources

Patients with diabetes can find out more about the condition, and book themselves online training, by visiting https://www.diabetes-education-km.co.uk/

Non-diabetic patients who may be at greater than normal risk of developing diabetes - for example people who are overweight or who have raised blood sugar - can visit https://preventing-diabetes.co.uk/ , which has a 'Know your risk' section so you can work out if you're at risk of diabetes or not; plus a self-referral form for the 'Healthier You' diabetes prevention programme.

Urgent/2 week wait/possible cancer referrals

If you've been referred for possible cancer via the urgent 2 week wait system, you can get information-leaflets about your referral and what will happen next by going to this web page: Kent and Medway Cancer Collaborative - Information and support (kmcc.nhs.uk)

Cancer Care resources

Kent and Medway Prehab service


Breast cancer Patient App

Breast Cancer Patient App Flyer


Kent Oncology Centre – MTW



Cancer Research

Macmillan Crossroads

Cancer Care map

Surgery Staff

Dr David Hindmarsh, GP


  • Salaried GPs/regular locums
    • Dr Tim Winch
    • Dr Fedir Marangoz
  • Practice Nurses
    • Anne Moss
    • Debbie Humphries
  • Health Care Assistants
    • Jill Holden
    • Kristina Avery
  • Practice Manager
    • Julian Le Saux
  • Admin Staff
    • Kristina Avery
    • Jill Holden
    • Maria Lacey
    • Mollie Macgregor-Kinnis
    • Rowanna Lawrence



Other useful Contact Numbers

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions for this page.

District Nurses  0300 123 3143
Health Visitors  01892 839456
Midwifery Liaison Office

 01892 633488

 01892 638158

Lloyds Pharmacy  01580 713292
Out of Hours service  111
Social Services (adults)  03000 41 61 61
Social Services (under-18s)  03000 41 11 11
Maidstone Carers Project  01622 685276
Crossroads (charity for carers)  0845 450 0350
Dementia Helpline (24-hour)  0800 500 3014
Patient Transport Services (G4S)  0800 096 0211
Voluntary Transport (local trips)  01580 713386
Voluntary Transport (hospital trips)  01580 714373
Red Cross transport  01634 821532
Cruse Bereavement Care  0844 477 9400
Age Concern Foot Care

 01622 753618

Kent Community Health (parent organisation for District Nurses etc.)

0300 123 1807